Budget 2011

Obama has proposed a 3.8 TTTTTTrillion $ budget for next year, which includes a 6% increase in education and research, with a bit of cuts to ACOE and NASA.


No more PACs

The supreme court opened up the door for corporations to donate directly to political candidates rather than being forced to use Political Action Committees.

Read about it here.

Be Prepared

It's actually pretty easy to plan for a survival situation, start out by making a very short list of the most likely "disasters" that could happen in your area. I live in Metro-Atlanta, so my threats are very similar to anyone elses who lives in a large metro area, here are the most likely in order:
1. Civil Unrest: General disorder, it may be unsafe to go outside due to very small groups of armed, angry people looting. This is most likely to last less that one month, eventually the national guard will show up.
2. Major National Disaster: Flooding, earthquake, tornado, these happen in Georgia all the time, but it's never effected more that one town at a time, any of these will result in looting, but it should stay under control.
3. Terrorist Attack a.k.a. "Man-Made Disaster": Atlanta has multiple military bases and multinational corporations, as well as a hefty population.
4. Zombie Apocalypse: I gotta throw that in there because I am bat-shit crazy.
5. Blue Hat Invasion: To take the US, you have to take Atlanta, Sherman knew it and burned down the city because of it, but like I said, this is less likely than a Zombie Apocalypse.

So what do you need to prepare?
1. Food: Have enough food for you and your family for at least one month, it takes 700 calories a day to not die, but plan for 3000 calories a day. Buy canned food, rice, beans, cereals and canned meats. Buy the stuff you eat on a regular basis. Also buy a case of MRE's, they taste like shit, and make you constipated, keep these around in case you need to take some food with you if you leave your "base camp."
2. Water: Keep at least 2 gallons per person per day for one month, hopefully longer. You can buy 2.5 gallon water containers at Kroger's for around a buck, and they are stackable. You'll need to consume about 1.5 gallons per day for washing dishes, drinking and preparing food, and another 3 gallons per week for bathing.
3. Protection: Buy a handgun and a long-gun. Stick to military calibres with the handgun, 9mm and .45 perform great and have proven themselves over the last one hundred years, but remember, all handguns suck, at least compared to rifles and shotguns. For a long-gun get something common, in a military calibre, stick with 12-gauge, 5.56X45mm, and 7.62X51mm. The Mossberg 590, Remington 870, AR-15, M1A, CETME, or FN-FAL will suite you greatly. Buy your weapons, become proficient in their use and maintenance and then teach all of the other adults in your household how to use them.
4. Communications: Buy a set of two-way radios so that you and your family can communicate. Also get a short-wave radio, either battery or crank operated.
5. Clothing: You need a set of heavy-duty clothing for all members of your house-hold for all the seasons your area goes through.
6. Bug Out Bag: Have a bag prepared with a change of clothing, 3 days worth of food and drinking water, basic survival supplies and tools, extra ammunition, and all of the items necessary to maintain your weapons.
7. Entertainment: you need items to distract you and your family members, this is very important, try to do it without items that take power.
8. Power source: nuff said.

This is a very basic list, and hopefully it will help you be a little more prepared, if you can think of anything that I have missed please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail and I will at it to the list.

Why I Carry a Gun

Liberals are always asking why you would ever need to carry a gun, they go on about how if there were none that no one would die, and blah blah blah.

I own the majority of my guns for one reason and one reason alone... fear. Yep I said it, because I'm afraid.

I carry around a CC because I am afraid of someone trying to hurt me or one of my family members when I am not home. I own a shotgun because I am afraid of a drugged up, buck-tooth criminal breaking into my home. I own an AR because I am afraid of liberals!

And it seems that alot of Americans feel the same way, last year more than 10 million NICS checks happened, which is the background check before you buy a gun.


Light-Weight Guns

Thanks to Conservative Scalawag for pointing this one out to me. Taurus has come out with a new polymer frame 5-shot revolver, apparently to compete with the Ruger LCR and slew of other light-weight 5-shots put out by S&W.
But here's what I don't get, why does it need to be so damn light? Who is fueling the desire for companies to design these guns? I just don't get it. I'm not a small guy, in fact at 5'11" and 190lbs. I'm larger then the average American, maybe that's what it is, yeah, so you need a lighter gun. But that brings it's own set of problems, increased recoil. Whenever you up the power delivery, or shrink the weight, felt recoil goes up.
In my beloved Corps I carried a M9, it weighed about 2 1/2 pounds loaded, and you know what, I constantly forgot that I was even carrying it around, and I still do that every day when I shove my pistol down in it's pocket.
So men, and a few women, get over the weight of your gun, in fact, take pride in the hearty weight of your CC gun, it'll help you get that second shot down range at whatever criminal you're putting down.


Political Correctness

I have come to accept political correctness in a few industries, mainly government. But what really earks me is when gun companies do it. Today I shall make a list of the dumb stuff gun companies do that keeps me from buying their products.

> Smith & Wesson:
Magazine Dissconector: The new M&P pistols have a device that won't allow the firearm to operate if a magazine is not inserted, what the hell does this acomplish.
Disasembly Tool: You know who will never buy a firearm that takes a small, easy to lose, impossible to replace tool to clean and maintain? Me, anyone who ever thinks about the apocalypse, and anyone who ever served in the millitary.
Internal Key Lock System: This is supposed to prevent people who steal a gun from being able to use it, but seeing as all the keys are the same this seems kinda pointless.
Using union labor drives up the cost of any product, particularly S&W revolvers, just buy a Taurus or Ruger for half the price.
> Taurus: You're at fault for the key lock aswell.
> Colt: You refuse to sell mil-spec AR parts.
> Remington: The model 870 is unquestionable one of the greatest gun designs of all time, the only thing I think is better is a 590A1, but that's just me. Remington Express shotguns have dimples inside of the magazine tube to prevent you from putting aftermarket magazine extenders onto your weopon.
> HK: FUCK YOU for making the SL series of rifles and the USC sub-gun. But you redeemed yourself by telling Bush One to FUCK OFF! by changing the name of the HK91 about a dozen times.

There are so many good ones, post a comment on the companies you love to hate.


No more ammo for the Governator

The Governor of California has signed AB962, a bill that limits the amount of ammunition private individuals can purchase at a time, and establishes a government database to keep track of who has how much ammunition. Hopefully the big ammo producers will stand up to California the same way that Barrett did a few years ago.

Taurus 850

I finally decided to upgrade my carry, for the last couple of years I've been carrying around a Kel-Tec P-32 and I've changed over to a Taurus 850.
Kel-Tec: Over the years I've heard mixed reviews of them, after shooting a few of them I found that they were just fine and bought one for myself. I went to the gun show and bought one for about 250 bucks, did the regular cleaning and test firing and found that it worked great. The best thing about it was that it held 7 rounds, or 8 with an administrative load. It's magazine fed for quick reloads and I never had any reliablility problems.
But: It's a .32, anyone who has ever owned one of these knows it is a puny-ass round to say the least, even the best self-defense rounds don't have much in the way of stopping power, but hey, atleast it's not a .25.
So I started doing research on other auto's in its size class, 25, 22, 380. None of them really performed the way I wanted, I needed something powerful enough to put someone down with a few shots, but still small enough to carry around. Then it hit, revolver, so I rented a few snubbies in 38, 357, and 44.
The 38 Special really doesn't do that well on paper either so I discounted it, but .357 and .44 tried to rip my arm off in that snubby frame, which meant I could never get that second shot downrange. Then I found out that Speer made a specialty round for 2in guns and made my choice.
Taurus: Just like Kel-Tec I have always heard mixed reviews on them, some people say it's a crapshoot, others say it's the best thing since sliced bread. In my research I did find out that they had major quality problems from the time that S&W bought them until the mid-90's. Oh, and it shot great, but you gotta remember it's a snubby, which means it's accurate to about 10 yards, so don't try to use it as a match gun.
Extra Stuff:
> I found that speed clips didn't fit very well due to the grips that come on it stock, I've found that most people replace them, I instead went with speed strips and just cut off the extra slot, also fit's in the pocket a wee bit easier.
> For a holster I went with the pocket, Blackhawk and ?Uncle Mike's both make durable pocket holsters with a grippy exterior so that it stays in your pocket. I would suggest sticking with jeans and deep pocket slacks, the short pockets on some slacks will cause the gun to slip out when you sit down. I didn't bother getting an IWB holster because if I can do that then I will just carry a larger pistol.
Bad Stuff: This gun has a gun lock built into it, for me that's just another part to break, sights on snubbies suck.
Basically for costing half as much as the same model made by S&W, you might as well buy this one, the .38 Special +P performs pretty damn well and I can carry this pup around in Wal-Mart without paterning because I made a bad choice in clothing today.


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With everything that's been going on lately in the political world I've decided that I need to make time for this, it's a good way to relieve stress, and make it known that America as a whole does not agree with the things that Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to do with our country. I don't know about all of you, but I'm not ready to be called comrade yet.

P.S.: I don't have cancer!!!


Bad News

Went to the Doc yesterday, found out I might have testicular cancer, have an ultrasound and CT scheduled for monday. Probably won't be posting too much until then.