Taurus 850

I finally decided to upgrade my carry, for the last couple of years I've been carrying around a Kel-Tec P-32 and I've changed over to a Taurus 850.
Kel-Tec: Over the years I've heard mixed reviews of them, after shooting a few of them I found that they were just fine and bought one for myself. I went to the gun show and bought one for about 250 bucks, did the regular cleaning and test firing and found that it worked great. The best thing about it was that it held 7 rounds, or 8 with an administrative load. It's magazine fed for quick reloads and I never had any reliablility problems.
But: It's a .32, anyone who has ever owned one of these knows it is a puny-ass round to say the least, even the best self-defense rounds don't have much in the way of stopping power, but hey, atleast it's not a .25.
So I started doing research on other auto's in its size class, 25, 22, 380. None of them really performed the way I wanted, I needed something powerful enough to put someone down with a few shots, but still small enough to carry around. Then it hit, revolver, so I rented a few snubbies in 38, 357, and 44.
The 38 Special really doesn't do that well on paper either so I discounted it, but .357 and .44 tried to rip my arm off in that snubby frame, which meant I could never get that second shot downrange. Then I found out that Speer made a specialty round for 2in guns and made my choice.
Taurus: Just like Kel-Tec I have always heard mixed reviews on them, some people say it's a crapshoot, others say it's the best thing since sliced bread. In my research I did find out that they had major quality problems from the time that S&W bought them until the mid-90's. Oh, and it shot great, but you gotta remember it's a snubby, which means it's accurate to about 10 yards, so don't try to use it as a match gun.
Extra Stuff:
> I found that speed clips didn't fit very well due to the grips that come on it stock, I've found that most people replace them, I instead went with speed strips and just cut off the extra slot, also fit's in the pocket a wee bit easier.
> For a holster I went with the pocket, Blackhawk and ?Uncle Mike's both make durable pocket holsters with a grippy exterior so that it stays in your pocket. I would suggest sticking with jeans and deep pocket slacks, the short pockets on some slacks will cause the gun to slip out when you sit down. I didn't bother getting an IWB holster because if I can do that then I will just carry a larger pistol.
Bad Stuff: This gun has a gun lock built into it, for me that's just another part to break, sights on snubbies suck.
Basically for costing half as much as the same model made by S&W, you might as well buy this one, the .38 Special +P performs pretty damn well and I can carry this pup around in Wal-Mart without paterning because I made a bad choice in clothing today.

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  1. I like Taurus revolves, preferably the older ones with out the silly Clinton trigger lock on it.

    But, for the money, you can't go wrong with a good wheel gun.


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