Political Correctness

I have come to accept political correctness in a few industries, mainly government. But what really earks me is when gun companies do it. Today I shall make a list of the dumb stuff gun companies do that keeps me from buying their products.

> Smith & Wesson:
Magazine Dissconector: The new M&P pistols have a device that won't allow the firearm to operate if a magazine is not inserted, what the hell does this acomplish.
Disasembly Tool: You know who will never buy a firearm that takes a small, easy to lose, impossible to replace tool to clean and maintain? Me, anyone who ever thinks about the apocalypse, and anyone who ever served in the millitary.
Internal Key Lock System: This is supposed to prevent people who steal a gun from being able to use it, but seeing as all the keys are the same this seems kinda pointless.
Using union labor drives up the cost of any product, particularly S&W revolvers, just buy a Taurus or Ruger for half the price.
> Taurus: You're at fault for the key lock aswell.
> Colt: You refuse to sell mil-spec AR parts.
> Remington: The model 870 is unquestionable one of the greatest gun designs of all time, the only thing I think is better is a 590A1, but that's just me. Remington Express shotguns have dimples inside of the magazine tube to prevent you from putting aftermarket magazine extenders onto your weopon.
> HK: FUCK YOU for making the SL series of rifles and the USC sub-gun. But you redeemed yourself by telling Bush One to FUCK OFF! by changing the name of the HK91 about a dozen times.

There are so many good ones, post a comment on the companies you love to hate.


  1. It is a cancer that is killing common sense and freedom.

  2. Here's my shout out to let you know I'm still "watching." I kept checking in on your blog for a while, so I'm glad you're back.


  3. Woh there drunk elephant, you're "watching" me? It's all good, nice to know that people do check up every once and a while.


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