The stimulus

Obama is still pushing to pass the stimulus, but it will never pass in it's current 579B$ pork state. Mr. President, back off, the more you ask for it to pass, the less your constituents support it.

Shirly Franklin, Atlanta's mayor since '02, has had 5 straight years of horrible fiscal planning, putting the city farther and farther behind each year, she continually cuts police and fire personnel, and adds other social services, a move that pisses off everyone except the liberals who vote for her, most of them criminals who like food stamps and section 8 housing. But wait, theres more, she wants 1.8 BILLION from Obama so that she can finish a new international terminal at ATL, which last time I was there, didn't need any more boarding areas; what else does she want to spend money on? Finishing the uprades to Fulton's sewer system that she started seven years ago... it can currently handle about 2 million residents plus the daily rush of shit during business hours, but there are only 816,006 residents since the last U.S. Census in 2000. She says the influx of money will create 40,000 new jobs in Atlanta, that's at an initial cost of $45,000 per job.


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