Whale Wars

Finally, it's happened, the crew of the Sea Shephard has finally done something stupid enough to piss off Japan.
I've watched this show a few times on Animal Planet, mostly hoping that some 5'2" Japanese man will suddenly emerge and open fire on these absolute morons. They've been arrested multiple times, one of them has been shot, and had flashbangs thrown at them, just a few of the entertaining points of the show. This stuff usually happens after they do something stupid, like boarding a ship.
The International
Maritime Bureau
(IMB) defines piracy as: the act of boarding any
vessel...with an intent or capacity to use force in furtherance of that act.

So what did the dumb bastards do this time? They rammed a fucking ship, they didn't scuttle it, they rammed it, that's like some one slaming into the side of your car, head on, while your driving down the interstate.
Deep down in my heart I want Japan to send out a cutter with the whaling fleet and lay fucking waste to this people.

Associated Press

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  1. James Watson and Richard Dean Anderson (yes,McGyver) are two of my favorit targets, for both are eco-terrorist or cheerleaders of them. I have seen Animal Planet show,and wrote them about it,they have not returned a response as of yet. Which comes to a shock to me.


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