Orlando Wants a New Brady Bill

The mayor, chief of police, and state senator of Orlando Fla all want a new Assault Weapon Ban put into place. I looked at the article from the Orlando Sentinel and saw some legitmate ideas that go with it, like a rise in crime since the sunset...and then I read a little bit farther. The article said things like this:
"'No one is trying to trample on Second Amendment rights:" Wrong the 2nd ammendment exists to protect us from eachother, an invading force, and our own goverment if we see fit. And let's not forget the loophole that alot of liberals like to bring up about the 2nd ammendment only applying to members of the militia, well I have news for you, every male between the age of 17 and 45 is a legal member of the militia and must report if called upon.
"two killers fired 58 rounds from two AK-47s during a gunfight in Pine Hills that left two men dead:" Let's see here, gunfight, between criminals, sounds like a something that would have happened whether you had a rifle or handgun that could only fire 10 rounds, or an AK that can hold 30, I've been in firefights overseas, and here in the US, 3 rounds are just as deadly as 30 if they are all going towards one target.
"Don't write in a sunset provision this time:" Just incase you didn't pay attention when the Brady Bill passed the first time, it won by 3 votes, before the sunset was added it could not have passed, and even then it just barely passed, with only a handfull of republicans approving, and quiet a few democrats voting Nea.
"There's no need for ordinary citizens to be armed with such lethal firepower. Hunters don't need them. Gun-toting urbanites don't need them, either:" Just refer up to my comments about the 2nd ammendment.

So basically a state that has some of the easiest to comply with, but at the same time heavyist punishment for going out of bounds, laws on guns, we could be seeing a major change to something like California or New York City, plus I'll be pissed if they try to take away my non-resident CCW from Fla.

Read the origional Orlanda Sentinal story (Warning: you will either get very angry, or cry)

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  1. You think that yahoo is bad, take a look at the Police Chief of Miami-Dade county. There is a real anti-gun LEO.


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