APD Hires Criminals

Okay, so I'm really not that upset about the fact that Atlanta Police Department is hiring people who have a misdemeanor record. What bothers me is some legislation that kinda ties into this.

Check this out: Title 16, Chapter 9, Public Law 129, it's about the issueance of concealed carry liscenses in the state of Georgia to it's resident's. Here's a quick little excerpt: "any person who has been convicted of a violation of Code Section 16-11-126, 16-11-127, or 16-11-128...shall not be granted a permit," basically what it means is that anyone who open carries without a permit, or conceal carries without a permit, can never get a ccw.

So what APD is saying is that even though Calvin Thomas was convicted of a No-CCW charge, and thus can never legally carry a firearm in public in this state since he cannot get a permit, he can get a job as a cop...where he will carry a gun every day...and legally carry without a permit... in APD, arguably on of the most corrupt deparments in the US.

Just my 2 cents, either kick the guy out because it is acctually against state law for him to do it, or fix the law, so people can fix the problems they have had in their past.


  1. Is? The City of Atlanta has been for decades hiring criminals, just look at Mayor Andrew Jackson.

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  3. I consider Andrew Jackson to be an exception to any rule, no matter what it is. He was by far one of the most bad-ass presidents off all time, confirmed to have won quite a few duels.


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