Grave Plots

The NAACP is trying to stop the movement of 311 graves in an abandoned graveyard in Jonesboro. Why is the NAACP involved you ask? Well they claim that it is racially based, mainly because the graveyard is part of a AME Church, which if you never checked, is all black.
After doing a bit of research I found that the church abandoned the yard almost 25 years ago, and none of the graves have been visited in a few years.
So who wants the graves moved that must be so racially motivated you ask? A black business man who owns Stevens MDS, a small landfill company.
And what surrounds this prime piece of real estate? Two sides are the landfill that the company currently uses, one side is ATL airport, and the other side is a quarry.
For God's sake, let them move the graves, it is not racially motivated, and I would take a good guess that they'll be moved to a better site, right now it's surrounded by what are arguable some of the loudest industries that exist in the US.

You can read the original nonobjective, partisan article here at the AJC.


  1. The sole reason for the NAACP to take issue with this,and charge it is racial is to validate their existance in the first place.

  2. Oh I know, that's what they almost always do. I'm a Jew and I don't like the anti-defamation league because they do the same thing. I do hate the idea that some people do things that are racially motivated, but it's even worse when they do it under the ruse that it is for good.


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