Another Broken Obama Promise

Since November of 2007 BHO has promised that he would not have any lobbyists working for him at the White House, on January 21st, one day after his inaugeration he issued an Executive Order saying the same thing.

Well guess what, he's hired two of the, in high positions:
William J. Lynn III: Defense Department, worked for Raytheon lobbying guess what... the Defense Department.
William Corr: Is going to Health and Human Services, he just finished working on K Street for the Anti-Tobacco industry.
Tom Daschle: Also going to Health and Human Services, he didn't directly work for the lobbyist, he's worse, he accepted money from them, oh and let's not forget the really important one, he forgot to declare, or pay taxes on $83,333. He wanted harder punishment on people who commited tax evasion, but everyone at the IRS seems to be forgetting about that now that he's working for Obama.

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