Is Obama a recreation of Marx?


  1. So..I don't know much about this(gun)But know about other affairs.I really like your blog,but I don't feel comfortable writting in english...I'm taking an English course, but the posts that you write I understand.I know that your blog is about gun,terror,conflit and liberalism,I like this,so I'm here!Good day!

  2. Funny how they for got it will also cover children of illegal aliens too. Also, who's he going to fund when all of us smokers quite due to it becoming too expensive? Yep,he'll just tax (punish)some other group of people to fund it.

    As to the church thing, so government can be involved in church business,but churches can't be in government business. Uh-huh?

  3. This is just going to increase the number of illegal aliens coming accross the border, coming once again to be a succubus on every American citizen.


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