The Driving Test

Have you ever suppressed thoughts that that woman in front of you swerving between 3 lanes, with the turn signal permanently on, driving 15 MPH under the speed limit is doing it because she is Asian because you don't want to sound rascist?

Well here's one example of a Korean woman who has failed the test 771 times.

In the US Georgia and Texas require a score of 75 and 80 (out of 100) respectively, I remember taking these tests in both states, I don't have the paperwork, but I scored in the 90's, probably got 1 question wrong about proper yeilding while taking a right hand turn with no cross traffic. In South Korea you have to score a 60...the highest score she has gotten in her 771 tries? 50...taking wild guesses on a multipe choice test would have resulted in 9 perfect scores, and the minimum score of sixty 17 times.


  1. This goes beyond just asians, but northerns too. The reason for this,as I see it, is they never had to drive a care befor in their life,having mass tranist to utilize. Thus, when they get behind the wheel they just freak out. The other theory is, they are just freaking morons.

  2. One of the other big problems we have here in Atlanta is the hodge podge of people from all over the country and world that drive here. If they do know how to drive they were generally trained somewhere else. Amd ues, most bad drivers are morons.


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