Broken Obama Promises

Obama touted alot about saving energy and reducing "green house gases" to save the world. He could have done that today and been fine. Obama took a trip to a dinner in Virginia, a 80 mile one way trip that would take aproximately 1.5 hours. Taking out a convoy of 10 vehicles at 15 mpg would have consumed about 100 gallons of gas costing $200. Instead he jumped on Air Force One cutting the trip down to 31 minutes, consuming about 2,060 gallons of jet fuel at a cost of $13,431, just for fuel, no maintaince, or crew costs included.

I could care less that he used Air Force One, I just hate hipocrates, and the fact that AP are the only people who noticed this.

Associated Press

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  1. Yet, it is okay to critize CEO's for doing the same,but from Detriot to DC. Better yet, those jets are part of their salary,just like Obamabi's. The only difference is, GM pays for theirs, we pay for Obamabi's.


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