Obama The Dumb

The legislative proccess takes a long time, it's never perfect, and usually someone get's screwed over in the end. But the fucking president needs to back off and stop INTIMIDATING people into accepting his plan. Here's a quick qoute from the annoited one, "the legislation deserved scrutiny but that speed trumped perfection."
Basically what he wants our legislators to do is approve a 600B$ spending bill with a 180B$ stimulus attached to it. What do those 180B$ include? Rebates, which have never worked in the past; broadband to rural areas, where people don't seem to want it; new roads, that we don't need; and upgrades to airports, that are seeing less traffic. So even the stimulus part of the plan sucks by any standard. He says that the republicans are trying to use old failed policies of the past, but everything that he wants to do has failed in every country that has tried it, including ours.
Mr, Obama, I implore you to step back, stop trying to give yourself and your party more power and acctually help us, just let the recession run it's course.

"When the people find they can vote themselves money,that will herald the end of the republic."
-Benjamin Franklin

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  1. The media claim he is much like FDR,well they are right. His experiments in economics failed too,only gaining more problems than before.


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