Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are some of the most extravagant things that we Americans do. We spend large amounts of money, and a good bit of time preparing them for the people around us and we give good wishes to people on their special day, even if we don't know them. Today was my daughters birthday party, and as is the tradition in most of America the women through the party and us men drank bear. Presents were in surplus, a huge cake was being prepared, and the laughter of children was abound. But the joy of the day was broken, on what we consider to be an amazing day, Christina lost a friend.
All the dads that decided to show came down to the basement to play a little pool, drink "responsibly" and shoot the shit in general. But more than just a pool table is in the basement, there is also a small collection of trophies from the larger bucks that I have taken down. Never did I think that something as simple as hunting would break my daughters heart. One of the fathers saw them, immediately went upstairs, and proceeded to leave with his son.
Why are so many people offended by things like this? No one seems to know. Guns, hunting, even fishing, some people are just so offended, are they misinformed about these particular types of recreation, have they been lied to? Who knows, I just want all these libtards to leave me alone, go to Cuba if you want the government to take care of everything for you, I'm self sufficient, I want to be proficient at basic survival skills in case this world you rely on disappears.

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  1. You're probably best that he's gone.
    If he'd stuck around both you and your daughter would have to be watching every thing you said and did for feer of 'offending' their squeamish sensabilities.


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