What Happened to Executions?

An Army fella fled to Canada trying to avoid his deployment to Iraq. He is turning himself in to MP's in Georgia on Tuesday in hopes that he will charged as AWOL instead of desertion. His lawyer says that the AWOL charge has a maximum jail time of 18 months, with varying discharge types. The lawyer also says that the desertion charge has a max sentence of 5 years...except he is the shittiest lawyer in military history, desertion during a time of war is actually punished as treason, which means the death penalty. Read the UCMJ before you tell your client to turn himself in.

BTW, I support the kid getting the desertion charge, even if it was because he didn't want to kill people. Sorry to tell you this kid, don't sign up for the military, especially not artillery, if you don't want to have death on your hands.

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  1. I think after the Rosenberg case we lost our guts to do this anymore. Which is sad, it will send a message to all of the other cowards.


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